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We value every individual’s potential. To make a better future, our employees go forward without fear of what has yet to come.

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Things that matter to us


By ignoring stereotypes about gender and educational history, we hope to contribute to society and raise people’s standards of living through the use of IT.


We want to overcome the wall that is gender and race and create a thriving company filled with motivated employees.


We value employees who, regardless of gender or educational history, contribute positively to society by advancing towards their goals.

Message from the CEO

As of 2017, the ratio of men and women employed in the IT Industry was 7:3, respectively.

I personally believe that, for women, it is extremely awkward to join the industry and -- before even setting foot on a project site -- many women tend to give up or quit. Gender, age, educational history and race -- none of this matters.
The only thing that matters is passion and a will to keep working forward.
At Foresee Net, we aim destroy prior stereotypes about the IT Industry and create one where everyone can work equally with no relation to gender.

Company Info


Established: 2018/04/04
No. 5 Azuma Building, 3F
3-38 Kanda-Sakumachou
Chiyoda City, Tokyo Prefecture, 101-0025
TEL: 03-5843-8164
Company Director: Mukojima Yumiko

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IT Infrastructure Design, Construction and Maintenance (Server, Network, and Middleware)
Infrastructure for Mission Critical System
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In 2017, the ratio of men t o women in the IT Industry was seven to three.

At Foresee Net, we want to make a path in the industry that allows motivated individuals to contribute and leave their footprint on society. Gender, age, race, and educational history -- none of this matters. All we want is individuals who want to grow and succeed with our company.

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